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Response Physiotherapy

Our partners providing free remote physiotherapy and sports therapy.

Their Story

Response Physiotherapy is one of the UK's leading providers of musculoskeletal (MSK) and Occupational Health (OH) physiotherapy in the leisure and corporate health and wellbeing markets.

We are a national business, established for 10 years, with locality, expertise and service at the heart of our approach. In 2017, Response Physiotherapy became the leading provider of physiotherapy services to David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, operating (16 sites). 

We have successfully treated thousands of patients and fortunate to have worked with a wide range of businesses across various sectors including DFS, Next, Experion, Notts Fire and Rescue, Santander and David Lloyd Clubs.

We have now treated a number of new patients and the physio's simply love it. To say it works all round is putting it mildly, our physio's really enjoy helping out and the clients are getting a real benefit. Some of the feedback is so heartfelt it really does bring a smile and a tear in equal measure     --- Martin Grieve - Managing Director Response Physiotherapy. 


Richard: Senior Physiotherapist 

“I think the work freedom for wheels is doing is great. Due to mobility restrictions, lack of support and other factors people with disabilities often find it difficult to access vital services. Then, due to Covid 19, so many people have lost the therapies they rely on to maintain or improve their quality of life. and to round it off shielding restrictions have put an additional barrier in place. Digital physiotherapy is an easy and convenient way for people to access expert support and assistance. Using digital conferencing software people can obtain physiotherapy help from the comfort of their own home.


Its been great to work with the patients Freedom For Wheels has referred to us at Response Physiotherapy. They are really driven people who really want to work hard to improve their function. It is so rewarding to be able to make a real difference to people lives.


If you are registered disabled and want some help with pain, mobility or to regain function or want some support to get stronger, healthier and improve your fitness get in contact and get booked in. Just let us know you wish to utilise the support of Freedom For Wheels, and it won’t cost you a penny. We will only ask you to send a copy of your blue badge or final page of PIP assessment. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Pick up the phone or send us an email and give it a go!”


Declan: Physiotherapist 

"Through the last month I have seen some new clients pop into my diary from Freedom for Wheels. Upon learning what Freedom for Wheels was and what their main objective is, I thought it was a great idea and I was keen to get going with these clients. Upon talking to the clients for the first time through our video session, it was clear that they would be perfect clients for physio, because they were keen to give the exercises a go and progress towards their individual goals.

Talking more about their goals, it has been amazing how varied and how different each individual’s targets are; this has meant it has been very enjoyable and interesting for myself. It has also kept me on my toes seeing people with different conditions or modifying exercises so the person could get the most out of the exercise or advice. It is fair to say I have learnt a lot in the last month that I was not very aware of before, and I have increased my knowledge base and tool box of techniques as well through the sessions.

I am really happy that I have been able to help and make a difference for these individuals (well that’s what they have told me anyway!) especially during this current time where there have been restrictions on their usual activities and the loss of the work they were doing.  It is so important that for many work continues." 

What People Say

Ray of Light

I’ve been mostly housebound since Dec 2016 from ME/CFS after catching a virus in Feb 2016. I have tried on numerous occasions to seek community physio sessions via my GP and the NHS in 2017, 2018 and 2019 without success. By the time the pandemic and lockdown set in. My shoulder was in excruciating pain which brought tears to my eyes and was waking me in the night from the pain.


I saw an advert from Freedom for Wheels for disabled people to access online physio sessions. I jumped at his having been let down by the NHS. I was allocated Rich who listened to my history, various diagnosis, and issues without judgement. 


I can honestly say that Rich is the first professional to have actually listened to me and looked into how to help me and was willing to work within my limits rather than pushing me. Rich carefully tailored the exercises so that I could do them lying down from my bed and listened when I said I’d pushed too far.


I highly recommend Freedom for Wheels, Rich, and online physio sessions. I hope you can reach many more people this way! 


Since lockdown started, my physio has not been provided. This was a regular appointment to give me the chance to live independently. It had worried me greatly, especially because I don’t want to end up back in hospital.


I was concerned as I have specific needs and I’m shielding. I’m alone and I’m lonely and had increased anxiety and feeling that I could not go on. Pain was increased and I struggled to do simple things. 


My general fitness levels are nowhere near what they would be normally. I was worried about doing physio online but it was great and really effective. It has given me hope where I was struggling and it has given me at least one person in 13 weeks that showed some care.”


Since lockdown started, O's physio has not been provided by local authority, something that worried Me greatly, especially because O's hands needed specific exercises. We are Shielding, and his fitness has decreased.


He would normally self propelling around school,  as well as the additional sporting activities he does like basketball and tennis in his chair these are not available during lockdown.  We were just left. We saw the advert for funded physio via Freedom for Wheels on Their Facebook page, provided by Response Physio.


We rang Response, and O was granted 5 sessions. The physio had an instant rapport with O, which makes a huge difference in getting O to want to follow a programme of exercises.


His physio has incorporated the equipment we already had, and O has just completed His second session. I am so grateful to Freedom for this support. It is making a difference to what is a very challenging time.

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