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COVID Support

When society adapted to fight coronavirus we adapted to help those most vulnerable.


Rosie Holgate Artwork

A total number of 1800 personally written messages were sent out on card with this image to those struggling with loneliness during the pandemic.

They were sent along with care packages to brighten up those that were feeling abandoned and isolated during shielding.


Isolation Stories

"Through darkness light still shines"


These stories were written to dictate different perspectives of individuals who felt isolated and alone during the pandemic.

You can find a collection of stories in our blog.

Paper Packaging

Care Packages

Throughout lockdown, we have distributed 375 care packages around Kent.


Each parcel contained PPE, hand sanitiser, soap, hand cream, a tin of biscuits, tea, coffee, tissues, a candle, a packet of flower or vegetable seeds, and a postcard.

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